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One of the key things we should be packing along with our passport is our Travel Insurance and an EHIC

What is the European Health Insurance Card scheme for?

The best way to apply for an EHIC or E111 renewal is online. No more paper forms to carry about – just a small plastic card to take with you when you travel outside of Great Britain. Just show your European Health Insurance card renewal whenever you need health care abroad. It’s quick and easy to apply with our help, and you’ll usually have your card within a fortnight – often it’s a lot sooner than that.

Do I still need travel insurance as well as an EHIC?

An EU health card is not the same as travel insurance. If you require airlifting back to the UK, cover for stolen or lost possessions, or a service such as mountain rescue, the EHIC will not pay for these. It’s still very important for you to purchase travel insurance as well as organising an EHIC Renewal. You may even find that your travel insurance provider demands that you have a European health insurance card before providing you with cover, making it even more important that your application is submitted quickly and accurately through a company who understands the application process, just like EHIC Applications UK.

Who can we help gain a European Health Card?

Anyone who’s resident in Great Britain can apply for a european health insurance card through EHIC Applications UK. The NHS will check eligibility based on the information you provide, so it’s important to give as much information as you can. An NHS number (Called a CHI number in Scotland, or Health & Care Number in Northern Ireland) and National Insurance card are the two main forms of identification which will be requested. If you’re worried you might not have some of these documents, get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to advise on the alternatives. We understand how the application system works, and our specialist knowledge and experience is a great reason to submit your application through us today.

If you’re not a British citizen, don’t worry. Other forms of evidence will be accepted as proof that you’re currently resident in the UK. You’ll commonly be asked for a visa, a letter from the Home Office, an A1/E101 or S1 document, or even just a letter from your employer.

Everyone who’s traveling, even children, requires their own european health card. If the applicant is under 16 years of age, a parent or guardian will need to apply on their behalf.

How long is my EHIC Renewal valid for?

Each card is valid for five years. You can start the renewal process six months before your old European health insurance card renewal is due to expire, and EHIC Applications UK will be able to help you with that.

Don’t gamble with your health care choices when abroad – trust EHIC Applications UK’s team to check and place your application for an EHIC card today.